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About this course

LoRaWAN Academy is a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) course, connecting next-generation engineers with LoRaWAN™-based low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology. This program for applied learning and research is brought to you by leading technology companies: Kerlink, LoRa Alliance, Microchip Technology, myDevices, Semtech Corporation and The Things Network.

LoRaWAN Academy’s mission

  • Educate the next generation of hardware and software engineers to imagine, develop and deploy real-world IoT applications

The program provides established engineering programs with coursework, network equipment, development kits, software, and other tools to effectively teach people about LoRaWAN applications. Coursework is developed in conjunction with support from Semtech Corporation, the developer of LoRa®, and other members of the LoRa Alliance™ that scaled the international adoption of the LoRaWAN protocol.

The program includes 10 weeks of self-paced online classes that comprises video lectures, podcasts, supplemental reading materials, hands-on assignments, and access to peers in a global LoRaWAN forum. Throughout the courses, students can use the hardware kits and network infrastructure to build real-life IoT applications.

LoRaWAN Academy is a beginner’s guide to LoRaWAN. No prerequisite knowledge of wireless communications is required. An engineering background will be helpful.

Meet your teachers

Johan Stokking is tech lead at The Things Network, an open and crowd sourced LoRaWAN network. His background is in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Johan has since 2015 been the brains behind The Things Network’s highly scalable network server architecture and implementation. He has a profound understanding of the protocol specifications and he is well-introduced to the global LoRaWAN ecosystem. Further, he is an excellent software engineer and is able to convey difficult technical concepts in a comprehensive manner. Altogether, this makes him your perfect LoRaWAN Academy teacher.

Laurens Slats is Product and Community Manager at The Things Network. His main duty is to facilitate developers and companies around the world getting started with LoRaWAN. Laurens graduated in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Laurens is a hardware enthusiast pur-sang, and he is excited about the latest technological developments in LoRaWAN. Expect engaging lectures and crystal-clear explanations from Laurens throughout the course.

Maarten Weyn is a professor at the University of Antwerp in Belgium within the imec-IDLAB research group. He received his Ph.D in Computer Science on the topic of Opportunistic Seamless Localization. Currently, Maarten is teaching courses on Mobile Communication, Communication Systems, and Low Power Embedded IoT Systems. Maarten researched ultra-low power sensor communication and embedded systems, sub 1-Ghz communication, sensor processing and localization. Maarten will be your expert liaison in the module on geolocation.

Thomas Telkamp is a network and IoT architect who has been involved in building the backend infrastructure of The Things Network from the early days in 2015. Thomas is now helping out with the development of several projects based on LoRa technology. This includes an open source bike tracking app, a citizen science project on gathering sensor data in cities, and he is investigating the use of LoRa from space. Thomas set the world record for the maximum traveled distance of a LoRaWAN packet, over 700km! You’ll hear more about this record and when he’s discussing his favorite topic ‘radio modulation’.

What do we think about it?

Jaap Groot, Board Member of the LoRa Alliance, and acting director of the LoRaWAN Academy: “The global LoRaWAN open standard is regarded by many as the defacto standard for IoT applications. LoRaWAN Academy will give way to a new generation of engineers prepared to tackle the world’s toughest challenges with IoT technology.”

Wienke Giezeman, CEO and initiator of The Things Network: “We're in the advent of a global shift towards long range, low power networks of connected things. Strengthening the international developer ecosystem will be a major driver for innovation and broad adoption of technology. LoRaWAN Academy does exactly that.”