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This platform is part of an initiative called LoRaWAN Academy. LoRaWAN Academy is a comprehensive university program connecting next-generation engineers with LoRa-based LPWAN technology for applied learning and research. LoRaWAN Academy was launched in November 2017 by leading technology companies within the LoRaWAN ecosystem: Flex, Kerlink, LoRa Alliance, Microchip, myDevices, Semtech Corporation, and The Things Network.

The LoRaWAN Academy program includes an online course library, as well as LoRaWAN development kits and IoT network infrastructure for hands-on lab training.

The mission of the LoRaWAN Academy is to:

  • Equip universities with out-of- the-box LoRaWAN networks
  • Educate the next generation of hardware and software engineers and computer scientists for real-world IoT application development and operation
  • Advance LoRa-based IoT research and involve top university scholars in real-world problem solving using cutting-edge technology

The program offers established university engineering programs with the coursework, network equipment, software, and other tools to effectively teach about LoRa-based low power wide area networks, LoRaWAN, and applications. Coursework includes 10 weeks of self-paced, online classes that includes video lectures, podcasts, supplemental reading materials, hands-on assignments, and access to peers in a global LoRaWAN forum. Throughout the program students will use the LoRaWAN hardware kits and network infrastructure to build real-world IoT applications to apply their learnings.